Born in London, Johnny trained and qualified as an architect in 1970 at the Central London Polytechnic and then travelled the US and Central America, designing and helping to build houses alongside creating various art works.

On returning to England, his photography passion turned into a hugely successful career with an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery with famous works including Keith Moon, Queen, the Rolling Stones and more. In the last 30 years, he has concentrated on drawing, watercolour and oil paintings with exhibitions in London, Paris, Santa Fe, New York, Los Angeles and Italy.

Johnny is a personal friend of Martin Dockett, Managing Director of Rhokett, having met whilst working in their respective fields at a top end London hotel. We have been honoured to have him join us here at Rhokett to capture first-hand the creative process and expertise that goes into handcrafting our exceptional desserts. We are now using Johnny’s artworks to create our wonderfully bright packaging for our Artisan and Peanut collections.

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